Beef Quality Assurance Certified
The purpose of the Beef Quality Assurance Program is to protect consumer confidence in beef safety and quality.  Most of our cattle will enter the human food supply at some point, and the BQA program hopes to make sure all eating experiences are good ones.  Remember, we are not just cattle producers, we are food producers!

National Cattleman’s Association – Berks County Beef Association
As family farmers and ranchers, cattlemen have a vested interest in protecting the environment. As responsive producers, they share an interest in meeting the needs of consumers worldwide by providing high-quality, nutritious beef, while setting higher quality and safety standards than those required by the government. As individual entrepreneurs, cattlemen raise livestock in more states than any other commodity, helping sustain a way of life in thousands of rural communities.
NCBA works to encourage the humane treatment of farm animals, the wise stewardship of natural resources and the implementation of good husbandry practices

PA Preferred Member
93% of Pennsylvanians desire to purchase and consume locally-sourced products. The PA Preferred® logo helps consumers identify products of Pennsylvania agriculture, providing a valuable service to both the producer and consumer. The program exists, as well, to increase awareness, accessibility and consumption of products grown and processed (if applicable) in Pennsylvania. The logo has become recognized not only by consumers but also by retailers, wholesalers, chefs and restaurateurs as a symbol of superior taste, quality and freshness.

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Buy Fresh Buy Local

American Angus Association

 The American Angus Association is the nation’s largest beef registry association with over 30,000 adult and junior members. Our goal is to serve the beef cattle industry, and increase the production of consistent, high quality beef that will better satisfy consumers throughout the world.

PA Angus Association
Our Mission is to promote Angus cattle and particularly Pennsylvania Angus cattle. The Pennsylvania Angus Association Is A Very Active, Growing State Organization With Activities Throughout The Year.