Farm History

Published in the 1914 Farm Journal

“ The Model Farm of Thomas A. Graver”

Charles and Janice Graver had spent time doing research on the family and farm during the last year. The Graver family has owned the farm since 1804, when George Graver purchased it. The Graver family, over the last 200 years has been able to pass the farm from one male relative to the next. Since 1838, it has transferred from son to son. Making the research much easier, but also confusing. The family enjoyed naming their children after, parents, uncles and grandparents.

George to George to Andrew to Mifflin to Thomas to Albert to Thomas and Charles.

In 1994, the brothers ended their partnership and now Thomas and his son Tim continue to farm under the name Graver Farms. While Charles and his wife, Janice farm under the name of Graver Farmstead. The original farmstead now belonging to them.

The farm as it is today!