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The Beef!

Posted 8/7/2012 7:57am by Janice Graver.

Is going really well. 

If you ate burgers at the Pearly Baker Restaurant in Easton, PA last week,  you ate beef from Graver Farmstead.  I was just waiting for the message from the head chef to find out what he thought.  Then <pa-ding>.  The text message read ” Had some of your ground beef and it was wonderful”.    Yea!!!!!

I even have a customer that comes from Brooklyn.  Yes, that is Brooklyn in the state of New York.  And just aquired another  Brooklynite that was here visiting her sister and bought steaks at the Bath Farmer’s Market.  I always tell everyone to e-mail me their experience eating my beef.  She just emailed that the steaks were fantastic.  She said she will be back.

On another note – I read an article that was titled “Cow Pool”   And of course, it caught my eye! It was discussing how consumers are purchasing beef in today’s market. 

That would be the consumer who really wants to purchase local beef and doesn’t have room for it!  Does that sound like you?  The cow pool is the answer.  A group of consumers get together and purchase the beef then split is among the group.  I have two cow pool groups already. 

Hee Hee Lovin’ it!